Digital Storytelling

Storytelling is one of the oldest art forms in human history. In recent years though, the increasing presence of visual media has led many to argue that the visual is starting to dominate the verbal. Recent research findings support the power of visual communication. For instance, we know that it is easier for people to learn and retain information that is presented visually rather than only verbally. That’s why I believe in a holistic intertwining of the visual and the narrative. I try to create stories that leverage the power of images and the persuasive force of the verbal narrative.

Sample Work

Children’s Book
Created in Apple iBooks

Although most of my storytelling work does not result in the production of an entire book, I decided to feature a particularly challenging project on this page: creating an interactive children’s book for the iPad. My first venture into children’s books was an iBook my husband and I released under the nom-de-plume of Theodore Clemens. We endeavored to relate a story that would arouse children’s interest in modern art and make them feel that they could follow their dreams wherever they might lead.

Fab Picture
Fab’s Eggstra Special Easter
iPad Book

The illustrations, featuring warm felt textures and playful fabric patterns add a whimsical touch, which is intensified by the carefully selected sound-effects on each page. We also included narration read by my husband. We designed and created all of the pages, photographed untold layers of felt, and tied it all into a multitouch children’s book.

Fab Picture

Fab is a young bunny bursting with creativity who dreams of one day becoming a great Easter egg artist for the famed Peter C. Fab’s unconventional painting style and his tendency to color outside the lines only garner him rejections. Everything changes when one day, Fab stumbles upon the mystery of the disappearing Easter eggs. Fab decides to seize his chance to save Easter and impress his hero Peter C. His good deed does not go unnoticed.

Check out the book on iTunes.